Product Specifications:


Test title


Standard Range

Test Method


    Min       Max



at 25°C (100 g, 5 sec) mm/10

40     50

ASTM D5 / INSO 2950

Softening Point


52      **

ASTM D36 / INSO 3868


at 25°C, Kg/M3

1010     1060

ASTM D3289 / INSO 3872

Flash Point

(Cleveland Open Cup),°C

232    **

ASTM D92 / INSO 198


at 25°C , cm

100       ** 

ASTM D113 / INSO 3866


in trichloroethylene , %

99      **

ASTM D2042 / INSO 2953

Spot Test

in Naphtha


AASHTO T102 / INSO 2949

AFTER  TFOT ( ASTM D1754 / INSO 2957 )

Retained Penetration


55      **

ASTM D5 / INSO 2950

Available Packaging Options:


Bitumen 40/50

Sebco Bitumen 40/50 is a type of bitumen produced through the aeration process in bitumen production units. The raw material for bitumen production is derived from the bottom of the distillation tower in oil refineries. This process makes the bitumen permeable, and its penetration value ranges from 40 to 50 mm under standard laboratory conditions. This grade of bitumen, known as the paving grade, is commonly used in road construction and asphalt pavements.

Sebco Company is renowned for producing high-quality new metal barrels for the major export of 40/50 bitumen. Sebco bitumen is available in 160kg and 240kg export barrels, flexitanks, and bulk packaging on pallets.

The advantages of using Bitumen 40/50 include its suitability for road construction and asphalt pavement and its application in manufacturing hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses. It is also commonly used on roads in tropical regions.

Sebco Bitumen 40/50 is available in steel drums, jumbo bags, bulk, and Bitutainers.